Summer Scented Candles To Wrap Up The Season

Summer Scented Candles To Wrap Up The Season 

Romanticizing the seasons of the year in whichever way you can is a great way to remain present in the moment, and one great way to soak in the summer vibes is to invest in scented candles that remind you of this time of year. Candles are commonly associated with the cooler seasons as a way to get cozy when you are stuck indoors, but if you choose your scent wisely, candles can be just as enjoyable to create a soothing ambience during the summer months.

Here are some ideas for summer scented candles that you can enjoy during the warmer months:


  • Fun and Fruity 

Summer is the perfect time of year to eat copious amounts of juicy fruits and veggies, so why not continue the trend by adding a fruity-scented candle to your collection? Whether you prefer a rich berry blend or something softer and sweeter, there’s no doubt that you will embrace the summer mood with a fresh and fruity aroma in the background.


  • Zesty and Energizing

If you prefer something a little funkier, a zesty candle scent may be the perfect summer fragrance to introduce to your home. The hot summer sun can drain the energy from us, but the lively scent of a citrus candle can give you that subtle boost of energy to get you ready for the day. Whether you choose a pure fruit scent or a blend of lemongrass and citronella fragrances, your summer atmosphere will be complete with a zesty-scented candle.


  • Dreamy and Sophisticated

For a scent that is compatible with the relaxing nature of summer but provides an extra level of sophistication to your environment, candles with notes of chamomile and green tea leaves may be the perfect option for you. Scented candles can be strong and distracting or subtle and soft, so why not impress your friends with a pleasant fragrance that sits somewhere in the middle?


  • Clean and Refreshing

Although much of the summer is spent having fun with loved ones and enjoying the warm weather, this can also be a great time to reset your home with a clean and calming scented candle. A calming scented blend of jasmine, vanilla, and cedarwood is a great option to create a refreshing atmosphere that still embodies the liveliness of the summer season.


  • Balmy and Relaxing

For many people, summer is all about the breezy evenings spent outdoors near the salty ocean air, so why not find a candle scent that embodies a peaceful summer night? Soothing scents containing a floral and honey blend will help you unwind at the end of the day with a unique, relaxing aroma.


Finding your favourite scent to match the season is an excellent way to spice up your living space and appreciate the current time of year. Ditch the connotation that candles belong to autumn and check out the natural summer scented candles at Forever and More. Enjoy the present moment and embrace the summer season by choosing a scented candle with a unique blend of fragrances to optimize your atmosphere.

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